Our goal is to provide South Africans with access to quality, earth friendly stationery 

Our goal is to provide South Africans with earth friendly stationery at a reasonable price


E-mail: minimalwastesa@gmail.com

Phone: +27788948895

Operating in Somerset west, stellenbosch, cape town

I am passionate about living a zerowaste and plastic-free lifestyle and over the years, have really enjoyed seeing South African companies become great at providing reusable alternatives to everyday plastic items. One day I realised that the only thing in my life that was still heavily plastic based was my staionery. Being a fulltime student, I use stationery A LOT! So I decided to try and find ecofriendly options and was that difficult! Most local places only supplied to business, or were very expensive! So I decided to start @minimalwastesa to supply earth friendly stationery to the individual that wasn't going to cost so much and that gave back to local educational organizations. My journey started at the Two Oceans Aquarium and I have been a volunteer there for four years now. So I have decided that it is where I'd like @minimalwastesa to start giving back.

Christie Munro

Instagram: @minimalwastegirl