Our goal is to provide South Africans with access to quality, earth friendly stationery 

Our goal is to provide South Africans with earth friendly stationery at a reasonable price


E-mail: minimalwastesa@gmail.com

Phone: +27788948895

Operating in Somerset west, stellenbosch, cape town

Follow our social media accounts to stay in touch and to find out when our products will be available! 

 Please note:

Our products are currently being finalised and are not ready for orders yet. Help us to bring earth friendly stationery to you sooner by donating to our crowd funding page, the money will go towards our first stock (Donators will be thanked on social media, will be invited to a private launch and will be gifted with one of our products). 

If you ask any zerowaste warrior: "How do you do this??", most will reply with: "If you follow the five "R's", in order, it can be easy!" Because we can't please everyone, we have based our products on these steps: Refuse plastics, Reduce plastics, Reuse plastics, Recycle plastics and Compost plastics (Rot). When shopping online, filter out our products according to your preferences. 


We will be starting off small, and will only be working within the Helderberg,  Waterfront and Southern Suburb areas (for now!). Once your order is confirmed and proof of payment is recieved, we will notify you on delivery dates. You will need to choose from several different pick up locations and dates that suit you (Personal delivery can be arranged at an extra cost). If we receive enough support, we will add the option of delivery to your door!


Delivery options: